Naturopathy consists in applying elements that nature offers us (vegetation, water, sun, air, soil) with the objective to treat illness, maintain health and promote wellness.


In naturopathy we see the body as an integrated whole, therefore the person is treated as a whole, also known as the holistic approach.

Naturopathy is based on the following pillars:



It is recommended to consume food as natural as possible, in its composition, in its preparation, as well as in how it is grown. Incorporate food with therapeutic effect according to ailment.


To promote positive thinking, peace of mind, confidence and creativity we can make use of breathing exercises, visualisations and/or Bach Flower remedies.


We can treat the body through massage, cupping, clay therapy, medicinal plants etc. to relieve symptoms and/or maintain a good state of health.

At cellular level we can make use of trace minerals to activate the cells and/or Biochemical Schüssler Salts to regulate any excess of deficiency of certain minerals in the cells.

Furthermore we can make use of:

  • Hydrotherapy: normalising body functions through the use of water

  • Atmospheric treatment: make use of the sun and air for treatment

  • Wrappings

  • Fasting cure

  • Detoxifying and cleansing cure

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